Key features



  1. GUI with a lot of settings and all registry object management functions
  2. EPP server (RFC compatible)
  3. Zone File (Bind compatible) 
  4. Small requirements for HW 



  • GUI with a full management of your domains, contacts, hosts, etc.
  • EPP server (RFC compatible)
  • Self-Test OT&E
FULL tld

Registry Software


We offer you a very powerful and efective registry software for Linux Operation System for managing domain names. Registry Software offer a rich GUI with many settings and features for registry and registrars, RFC based EPP Server for your registrars, integrated Whois and RDAP server and zonefile generator.



Technical Details


  • EPP Server with all functions
    (RFCs #5730, #5731, #5732, #5733, #5734, #5910, #3915, #8624)
  • Integrated GUI webserver + API for develop own GUI 
  • Customization of GUI
  • Domain, Contact, Hosts object support
  • DNSSEC support
  • IDN domain support with language tables definitions
  • Detailed settings for TLD (all RGPs, periods, requirements)
  • Simple Installation and Configuration
  • Zone File generation for Bind DNS Server
  • Integrated Whois and RDAP Server
  • Reserved word list


We manage for You!


You don't have any experience how to run Registry or not enough human resources for managing? We offer a Managed Registry services under our 


What we provide:


  • Technical Backend
  • Connect to our Reseller Platform with 1000+ resellers
  • Find and Accredite your registrars
  • Billing Solution
  • Marketing consultancy and activities

We will help You!


Our company has long-time experience as registrar of hundreds of registries. Our staffs has also long-time experiences from registry bussiness. We can provide full consulting on main registry topics:


  • Policies (Registration Rules, Accreditation Process, Abuse Handling, etc.)
  • Technical Solution (Registry SW, Technology, Migration, DNS, etc.)
  • Marketing Activities
  • Registrar cooperation (How to cooperate with registrars, ...)
  • Seminars and on-site help



We speed up your domain names!


Our Anycast DNS Network provide a robust and stable place for host your TLD DNS servers. 


  • AXFR/IXFR with TSIG support
  • 39 nodes in all continents
  • Detailed statistics of usage
  • < 90ms worldwide latence