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Registry Software


We offer you a very powerful and efective registry software for Linux Operation System for managing domain names. Registry Software offer a rich GUI with many settings and features for registry and registrars, RFC based EPP Server for your registrars, integrated Whois and RDAP server and zonefile generator.


Key features



  1. GUI with a lot of settings and all registry object management functions
  2. EPP server (RFC compatible)
  3. Zone File (Bind compatible) 
  4. Small requirements for HW 



  • GUI with a full management of your domains, contacts, hosts, etc.
  • EPP server (RFC compatible)
  • Self-Test OT&E

Technical Details


  • EPP Server with all functions
    (RFCs #5730, #5731, #5732, #5733, #5734, #5910, #3915, #8624)
  • Integrated GUI webserver + API for develop own GUI 
  • Customization of GUI
  • Domain, Contact, Hosts object support
  • DNSSEC support
  • IDN domain support with language tables definitions
  • Detailed settings for TLD (all RGPs, periods, requirements)
  • Simple Installation and Configuration
  • Zone File generation for Bind DNS Server
  • Integrated Whois and RDAP Server
  • Reserved word list


We will help You!


Our company has long-time experience as registrar of hundreds of registries. Our staffs has also long-time experiences from registry bussiness. We can provide full consulting on main registry topics:


  • Policies (Registration Rules, Accreditation Process, Abuse Handling, etc.)
  • Technical Solution (Registry SW, Technology, Migration, DNS, etc.)
  • Marketing Activities
  • Registrar cooperation (How to cooperate with registrars, ...)
  • Seminars and on-site help


We manage for You!


You don't have any experience how to run Registry or not enough human resources for managing? We offer a Managed Registry services under our http://regtonsregistry.cz 


What we provide:


  • Technical Backend
  • Connect to our Reseller Platform with 1000+ resellers
  • Find and Accredite your registrars
  • Billing Solution
  • Marketing consultancy and activities

We speed up your domain names!


Our Anycast DNS Network provide a robust and stable place for host your TLD DNS servers. 


  • AXFR/IXFR with TSIG support
  • 39 nodes in all continents
  • Detailed statistics of usage
  • < 90ms worldwide latence